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Giving proper nursing care to patients is what every nurse does as it is their responsibility and duty as a nurse. Even a simple mistake or a simple form of negligence could constitute grounds for violation and could receive a disciplinary sanction. It could be the end of your nursing career. Such cases can be handled and can be dealt with with the help of a nurse attorney. You should be aware that it is best to be ready in any way before facing the Texas Board of Nursing.

At the time of the initial incident, the RN was employed as a Registered Nurse at a hospital in Texarkana, Texas, and had been in that position for two years and three months.

It was on or about January 15, 2019, through January 16, 2019, the RN failed to maintain continuous pulse oximetry on a Patient who was receiving spinal anesthesia with Fentanyl via Patient Controlled Anesthesia (PCA) pump. In addition, The RN instructed the Patient Care Technician (PCT) to remove the pulse oximeter monitor from the patient because it kept alarming. At approximately 01:40, the patient was found unresponsive and resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful. The RN’s conduct may have delayed notification that interventions were needed to prevent the patient’s subsequent demise.

With regard to the incident, the RN states that the patient care tech asked him if she could remove the patient’s pulse oximeter because it kept alarming and the patient and her daughter requested that it be removed. The RN told the tech that she could remove the pulse oximeter because he would be going to the patient’s room in a few minutes. The RN went to the patient’s room a few minutes later and replaced the pulse oximeter on the patient and documented the patient’s vital signs on the PCA flowchart before giving a report to another nurse and going on break. When the RN returned from his break, he found the patient’s pulse oximeter alarming and immediately assessed the patient. The RN then immediately called a Code Blue.

As a result of the incident above, the RN was subjected and put into disciplinary action by the Board of Nursing. This will badly affect his RN license if the RN will not act fast before it is too late. Hiring a nurse attorney is the best option for the RN to help him solve his case.

Always remember that an experienced nurse attorney is fully equipped with what is needed to be done when such a scenario happens. Never hesitate to seek help and if you have questions about the Texas Board of Nursing disciplinary process? Contact The Law Office of Nurse Attorney Yong J. An for a confidential consultation by calling or texting 24/7 at (832) 428-5679 and ask for attorney Yong.