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Any charges filed against an RN or an LVN could badly affect their license and their career as a nurse. This is why a nurse should never neglect the need to hire a nurse attorney for defense when such a circumstance happens.

On or about May 28, 2019, through August 2, 2019, an RN was employed as a Registered Nurse at a hospital in Longview, Texas, the RN withdrew Oxycodone from the Pyxis medication dispensing system for patients but failed to accurately document the administration of the medication in the patients’ Medication Administration Records (MAR) and/or Nurses’ Notes. More specifically, the RN documented administering Oxycodone to a patient when the medication had already been returned to the pharmacy, documented administering Oxycodone to a patient when the patient had already been discharged, documented administering Ondansetron to the patient when there were no medication withdrawals from the medication dispensing system associated with the time and date of the documented administration, and documented administering two (2) tabs of Oxycodone to a patient when she had only withdrawn one (1) tablet.

The RN’s conduct was likely to injure the patients, in that subsequent caregivers would rely on her documentation to further medicate the patients, which could result in an overdose. The RN’s conduct was likely to injure the patients in that failure to administer medications as ordered by the physician could have resulted in non-efficacious treatment. Additionally, the RN’s conduct placed the hospital in violation of Chapter 48 (Controlled Substances Act) of the Texas Health and Safety Code.

The above action constitutes grounds for disciplinary action in accordance with Section 301.452(b) (10) & (13), of the Texas Occupations Code, and is a violation of 22 TEX ADMIN CODE §217.11(1)(A), (1)(B), (1)(C)&(1)(D) and  22 TEX ADMIN CODE §217.12(1)(A),(1)(B),(1)(C),(4)&(11)(B).

The decision was based on the evidence received by the Board which led to the RN’s case. . If the RN will not comply, his/her license will be put at risk. To prevent things such as suspension or revocation, it is a must to have a nurse attorney for support or for defense.

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