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Conference Speaker at Nurse Practitioners 2021 Annual CE Conference
Yong J. An, Nurse Attorney, spoke recently at North Texas Nurse Practitioners 2021 Annual CE Conference on April 10, 2021 on Nursing Malpractice/Jurisprudence (1 CE)

Dallas Board of Nursing Complaint Process

Learn what happens when a complaint gets filed with the Texas Board of Nursing and the investigation, disciplinary and settlement process. Contact Dallas nurse attorney Yong J. An today to learn more about the Texas BON process.

Protect Your Nursing License

Are you a nurse in Dallas facing allegations against you that may threaten your nursing license? Contact Dallas nurse attorney Yong J. An as soon as possible for a confidential consultation and  to ensure you take the right course of action and steps to protect your rights and your nursing license.

Client Testimonials

You will definitely love Mr. Yong an. He knows how to take care of his clients. For the past three years, Mr. Yong An handled my case before the Texas BON. He was very compassionate and professional in all his dealing. I highly respect this attorney. I appreciate how he made himself available whenever I need to set up an appointment or to talk to him. He is amazing!


I first came to know about Mr. Yong because he was the speaker during my graduation ceremony. He gave advice about the importance of getting an insurance. However, I failed to heed his advice. Ten years later, I got involved in a problem with my employment. I was fired over something that I did not do. I immediately called the office of Yong An and I’m glad that he took my case. He helped me gain my confidence to fight for my right. Thank you, Mr. Yong!


I have to say that Attorney Yong An is highly recommended for many reasons. There are so much to love about his professionalism. What I admire about his services is that he kept me informed all throughout the process of my case. He did not keep me in the shadows. Instead, he never failed to update me about the updates before the Texas Board of Nursing. Because of this, I felt more secure about myself as well as my employment. Second, his professional fees are completely affordable. During the period of our professional engagement, Yong An was not remiss in his duties. He was always available for a call. At first, I thought that it is going to be a big problem to have a lawyer. However, Mr. Yong An proved otherwise. He is such an amazing person! I am forever thankful for everything he did.


Attorney Yong An is very helpful and compassionate. He was able to give me a great legal advice about my case before the Nursing Board. What I love about him is that he was able to sense the urgency of the situation. He was prompt in returning all my calls and in giving me tips on how to handle the legal processes. He even wrote a letter in my behalf for the Texas BON. I tried paying him but he did not accept it because he wanted to finish the case first. Talking with him was such a relief. You’re the best Mr. Yong!


Mr. Yong An helped me on three different occasions. He was able to answer all the questions I have about my licensure. He knows the processes before the Texas Board of Nursing. We only talked via email and over the phone. In all occasions, everything was completely satisfying. He really knows the meaning of the laws, as well as the intent behind them. I think it was one of the reasons why his assistance in my cases was effective. Mr. Yong An was also good in giving a legal advice. If you need a lawyer, be sure to call him!


I have been a long-time client of Mr. Yong. While I was still in nursing school, he was already my lawyer. His first service was to assist me in a problem with my eligibility to take the nursing board exam. Seven years after, I am now applying for APRN license. Fortunately, Mr. Yong was still available. He was able to give light to all my questions. It was such a pleasure having him on board. If you need representation, you must call him.


I was searching for different lawyers who are knowledgeable when it comes to nursing license issues. That is the time that I came across Yong An. The truth is that I never needed the services of a specialty lawyer until I got involved in a stressful case before the Texas BON. The assistance of Mr. Yong was excellent. I have nothing to say but all praise to him! He gave me a sound legal advice. He also knows how to expedite the process in my favor. I’m thankful that Mr. Yong An saved my livelihood. I owe it to him.


I have to say that Mr. Yong An is the best lawyer out there. It’s such a pleasure to do with business with him. I hired this lawyer to help me with a declaratory order process before the Texas BON. He was there in every step of the way. He always responds to my requests. He also answered all my questions in a timely manner. Overall, my experience in dealing with him was amazing. He went above and beyond my expectations. Because of him, I was able to go through with my nursing education without any stress at all. He settled my case in an instant! I would highly recommend this outstanding lawyer in Texas.


When I graduated in nursing, I encountered a problem with the Texas BON. I immediately looked for a lawyer who would help me. I’m so glad Mr. Yong An came my way because he told me the step-by-step process. He assisted me when I needed to present a statement before the Board. Another important thing that he did has he informed me immediately about the status of my qualifications. With his assistance, I was able to take the nursing exam. Now, I’m a nurse who is living the life I wanted since I was young. Thanks to Yong.


What I like best about Attorney Yong An is his dedication in handling the case. He is very responsive whenever I send him a message or give him a call. He was more than happy to assist me in all my legal needs. I also admire how patient he could get to all his clients. His professionalism is also beyond par. Indeed, he went beyond and above my expectations. There were so many twists in my case but he did a good job in turning it in our favor. Because of his diligence and expertise, we were able to win the case before the Board. Truly amazing! If you need some assistance in a Texas BON case, do not forget to get in touch with Mr. Yong An or his law firm.


I needed assistance with the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). That was the reason why I contacted Mr. Yong An. I’m so happy that I chose the right lawyer to assist me. His law firm was very efficient and good in legal services. I am more than satisfied with how Mr. Yong An handled my case. He is so amazing. He helped me clear my nursing license in just a short span of time. Now, I no longer have problems with my license. He’s the best in town!