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On a daily basis, nurses all over Dallas work hard to save lives and help others.  In the healthcare industry, unexpected situations may arise that can threaten your nursing license.   Other situations may also arise that may prevent you from best doing your job.  If you are a nurse in Dallas or any part of Texas who is dealing with an unexpected situation which may threaten your nursing license, it is advisable to consult an experienced Texas nurse lawyer today who has handled several dozens of nursing license cases all over the state of Texas, including, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, and Austin.  Contact Texas nurse lawyer Yong J. An today for a confidential consultation at                           .


Protect Your Nursing License: Contact a Dallas Nurse Lawyer

What Are Grounds for Discipline?

  • Standard of Care Violations
  • Sexual Violations
  • Fraud, Theft & Deception
  • Use of Drugs & Alcohol
  • False Representation of Information (Lying)
  • Failure to Comply with CE Requirements
  • Failure to pay Licensure Fees in a Timely Manner
  • Committing a Criminal Offense
  • Malpractice Suit or Judgment
  • Any Other Conduct That is Deceptive in Nature

What Types of Penalties Can I Face?

  • Monitoring
  • Administrative Penalty (Fine)
  • Directive to Fulfill Neglected Obligation (Specific Performance)
  • Public Reprimand
  • License Restriction or Impositions on Practice
  • TPAPN Directive
  • Probation of a License Suspension
  • Active Suspension as a Requirement of Probation
  • Revocation
TIP: Do not sign a proposed agreed upon order before consulting a knowledgeable Texas Nurse License Defense Attorney. Yong J. An is on call 24/7, for emergency call (832) 428-5679