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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic started its devastating roll across the country, the health care work environment was experiencing challenges – especially for nurses in Austin

Thousands of Covid-19 vaccines are on their way across the country and frontline workers in Texas are among the first to get the first shot. A traveling nurse narrates her story during the newly emerging coronavirus crisis up until today. Here is her story.

Akil Jones is a Texas-based critical care nurse who had the opportunity to travel to New York back in April to help with what was then a newly emerging COVID crisis.

Jones didn’t realize just how bad things would be.

“My very first patient was super, super, super sick, and unfortunately in like the first three hours of my shift he passed away,” Jones said. “And that just threw me, because I was like ‘I’m here for two months, is this what I’m going to be doing for two months nonstop?’”

Jones worked primarily in the ICU and says it was surreal seeing firsthand just how serious this virus is — even in people who didn’t have underlying health problems.

“I’ve taken care of 26-year-olds, I’ve taken care of patients that are younger than me that ended up on ventilators when they had no preexisting health conditions,” said Jones. “We’ve admitted patients that have been coding the entire time, so we’re trying to intubate them and save their hearts and everything. It’s all just really scary, so you’re always on pins and needles on your patient all the time.”

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