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Whenever someone filed a complaint against you which involves negligence, your license could be put in danger if not defended by a Dallas Nurse Lawyer. A RN from Houston, Texas is just one of the many examples.

On or about September 14, 2018, an RN from Houston failed to assess for changes in the lung sounds of a patient and re-assess the patient’s blood pressure and vital signs after the patient’s blood pressure was noted to be low and the patient continued having shallow labored breathing. The patient had been admitted with a Pulmonary Embolism requiring supplemental oxygen, the rate of which had been increased the previous day, and liv was non compliant with his oxygen due to confusion. 

During the RN’s shift, she indicated the patient had Alzheimer’s Disease and the patient began talking to people who weren’t present. Shortly after her shift ended, the oncoming nurse found the patient without respirations or pulse, with his oxygen cannula on the floor, and the patient was pronounced deceased after unsuccessful attempted resuscitation. Her conduct may have contributed to the patient’s demise. 

In response to the incident, the RN states that she assessed and intervened for this patient throughout her shift, on both days she cared for him. She admits her documentation for the day of the patient’s death could have been more detailed in that she provided more care for the patient than she documented. She states she called respiratory therapy every time the patient removed his oxygen so they could assess and take an oxygen saturation reading. 

According to the RN, Respiratory Therapy also did not document each of the times they were in the patient’s room on the day of his death. She feels this patient died because the night shift nurse did not go into the patient’s room until 7:30 pm and so the patient did not receive the close supervision that the RN felt he required and that she had provided during her shift. 

Regarding the patient’s vital signs, she indicates that nurse aides take the vital signs and that she relied on them to report to her any vital signs that were too low or too high, and admits that she was not aware that the patient’s blood pressure was low at 2 p.m., five (5) hours before her shift ended.

However, the RN failed to hire an effective nurse attorney to help her defend her side. As a result, the Texas Board of Nursing placed her RN license to disciplinary action. Her defense would have gotten better if she actually sought legal consultation from a Texas nurse attorney as well.

Do not fret if you find yourself in a similar situation as that of the RN mentioned above. All you need to do is to find the right Dallas Nurse Lawyer who can help you in the case. Equip yourself with the knowledge and expertise you need for a successful outcome by consulting a knowledgeable and experienced Texas nurse lawyer. Contact the Law Office of Yong J. An and text or call attorney Yong 24/7 at (832) 428-4579