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Nurses have been a great help to patient’s well-being and recovery. We sometimes neglect to appreciate their demanding jobs wherein they can be stressed and exhausted but they are still doing their best to provide the best care they could offer to their patients. And sometimes due to exhaustion and stress, they tend to be negligent that they don’t know might lead them to a more serious scenario such as filing a suit against them. If this happens to an RN, they should know how to protect and defend themselves. If not properly defended by a nurse attorney, their license could even be suspended or revoked.

At the time of the incident, the RN was employed as a Registered Nurse in a hospital in Austin, Texas, and had been in that position for three (3) months.

On or about August 25, 2019, while employed at a hospital in Austin, Texas, the RN withdrew fifteen (15) milligrams of Morphine from the medication dispensing system for a patient but failed to document the administration of the medication in the patient’s medical record. The RN’s conduct resulted in an incomplete medical record and was likely to injure the patient from subsequent care decisions made without the benefit of accurate and reliable information.

In response to the incident, the RN states that she withdrew fifteen (15) milligrams of morphine from the Pyxis and she administered the morphine to the patient. The RN also states that she performed and documented a pain assessment for the patient, as well as the administration on the computer.

The RN states that one (1) hour later, she then documented a pain assessment, post-administration and that the patient expressed relief from the pain and there was a decrease in pain level as verbalized by the patient, after receiving the morphine.

The RN also added that she did not observe that the computer registered the medication as canceled until it was pointed out to her. She inquired about this and was informed that the computer would do this if the saving of documentation of the medication administration was interrupted in any way.

In conclusion, because of this incident that proves the violation of the RN and pursuant to Texas Occupations Code, Section 301.452(b) (10) & (13), the Board has jurisdiction over this matter. Thus, the Texas Board of Nursing placed the RN in disciplinary action that could harm her career and her license.

Due to the mistakes or negligence made by the RN that leads to a bad result, her RN license was disciplined by the Texas Board of Nursing. Failure to hire a nurse attorney to fully defend her case can lead to this decision by the Texas Board of Nursing.

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