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Did you know that cases of complaints filed before the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) undergo a complicated process? The steps that must be followed by every LVN or RN nurse in the state of Texas are quite complex. This is the reason why it is highly recommended for every professional nurse to hire a nurse attorney in Texas. Doing so will help him prevent the Board from suspending or revoking his license.

This is the incident that happened to an RN in 2019. At the time of the initial incident, she was employed as an RN in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit of a medical center in Georgetown, Texas.

On or about January 22, 2019, while employed as an RN in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit of a medical center in Georgetown, Texas, RN lacked the fitness to practice nursing in that she exhibited signs of impaired behavior while on duty, including, but not limited to: unsteady gait, slurred speech and an odor of alcohol. Furthermore, RN engaged in the intemperate use of alcohol, Oxazepam, and Hydrocodone in that she tested positive for alcohol on a breathalyzer test and produced a urine specimen for a reasonable suspicion drug screen that resulted positive for Oxazepam and Hydrocodone. Unlawful possession of Oxazepam and Hydrocodone is prohibited by Chapter 481 (Texas Controlled Substances Act) of the Texas Health & Safety Code. The use of alcohol, Oxazepam, and Hydrocodone by a Nurse, while subject to call or duty, could impair the nurse’s ability to recognize subtle signs, symptoms, or changes in a patient’s condition, and could impair the nurse’s ability to make rational, accurate, and appropriate assessments, judgments, and decisions regarding patient care, thereby placing a patient in potential danger.

The above action constitutes grounds for disciplinary action in accordance with Section 301.452(b)(9),(10),(12)&(13), Texas Occupations Code, and is a violation of 22 TEX. ADMIN. CODE §217.11(1)(B)&(1)(T) and 22 TEX. ADMIN. CODE §217.12(1)(A),(1)(B),(1)(E),(4),(5),(10)(A),(10)(D)&(11)(B).

Unfortunately, RN failed to hire the services of an expert attorney when a disciplinary case was filed against her. In fact, the RN waived representation by counsel, informal conference, and notice and hearing. All these resulted in the revocation of her nursing license. As a result, she lost the right to practice the nursing profession in the state of Texas.

For more details or for a confidential consultation regarding accusations, it’s best to contact experienced Texas BON attorneys. Texas Nurse Attorney Yong J. An is an experienced nurse attorney who helped more than 150 nurse cases for RNs and LVNs for the past 16 years. You can call him at (832)-428-5679 to get started or to inquire for more information regarding nursing license case defenses.