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An experienced nurse attorney has surely helped a lot of RNs and LVNs when it comes to cases that may lead to disciplinary action. Unfortunately, not all nurses were able to hire a nurse attorney as they underwent such cases. This incident that an LVN committed on November 26, 2011, was one of those examples.

On or about the said date, the LVN was physically abusive to a patient, in that she physically restrained the patient against the wall and slapped her across the face.

The LVN’s conduct could have caused emotional and physical injury to the client and could have interfered or disrupted this patient’s treatment.

Because of this, the Texas Board of Nursing summoned the LVN to defend herself. However, the LVN failed to properly defend her side to the Board. Additionally, there was not enough evidence to support her defense and she lacked an experienced attorney to help her.

The following incident and defense against the case caused the Texas Board of Nursing to place the LVN and her license into disciplinary proceedings. She would have sought assistance from a good nurse attorney to provide clarifications towards the case.

If you’ve ever done any errors or misdemeanor during your shift as an RN or LVN, and you wish to preserve your career and your license, an experienced defense attorney is what you need. Nurse Attorney Yong J. An, an experienced attorney for various licensing cases for 14 years, can assist you by contacting him at (832) 428-5679.