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Sleeping while on duty is the most common mistake a nurse could make. The Board may find the LVN not fit practice because of this reason. Although there are other factors and aspects to look for if you really fit to practice nursing. If you are summoned by the Board, you need a nurse attorney to represent you in court.

At the time of the incident, an LVN was employed as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at a hospital in Odessa, Texas, and had been in that position for one (1) year and one (1) month.

An incident happened on or about January 4, 2018, while employed as a Licensed Vocation Nurse and assigned to provide skilled nursing care to a patient, the LVN was observed sleeping, while on duty, by the patient’s wife and son. The LVN’s conduct could have affected his ability to recognize subtle signs, symptoms, or changes in the patient’s condition, and could have affected his ability to make rational, accurate, and appropriate assessments, judgments, and decisions regarding patient care, thereby placing the patient in potential danger.

In response to the incident, the LVN admits to falling asleep for about fifteen (15) minutes. At the time, the LVN was experiencing sleep deprivation resulting from caring for his two very young children at home. The LVN has sought to ensure similar incidents never occur again by leaving the home health working environment and no longer working overnight shifts.

Unfortunately, the Texas Board of Nursing found her guilty of her deeds. Her nursing license was subjected to disciplinary action. Failure of securing a skilled nurse attorney to fully defend her case had led to this decision by the Texas Board of Nursing.

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