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Facing the Board is never easy. You should seek help from a nurse attorney if you dealing with cases that are hard to overcome just like issues about Controlled Substances. Having a nurse attorney is a relief especially when you are having a hard time dealing with and winning against accusation cases.

An incident happened on or about March 23, 2010, an RN was issued the sanction of Warning with Stipulations through an Order of the Board.  And on or about March 31, 2011, the RN successfully completed the terms of the Order.

On or about July 1, 2014, through December 7, 2015, while employed as a Family Nurse Practitioner at a hospital in Lubbock, Texas, the RN’s practice fell below the minimum standards of nursing practice in that she engaged in non-therapeutic prescribing practices. More specifically, the RN issued prescriptions for controlled substances to 22 patients without conducting appropriate assessments to justify her prescribing practices. The RN continually prescribed controlled substances without exhausting conservative evidence-based treatments and/or establishing a reliable and clinically meaningful therapeutic benefit before resorting to non-evidence-based, high-risk treatments; and failed to appropriately monitor the patients for aberrant, drug-taking behavior after repeatedly prescribing controlled substances to the patients.

In response, the RN states she serves a horribly underserved demographic in Lubbock. The RN states providing care, especially pain management care to indigent and distressed communities, is not always black and white and she has never prescribed medication without an eye-to-eye and face-to-face examination. The RN states every one of her prescriptions has precisely conformed to the practice and prescriptive delegation protocols. She states complete medical records were prepared and kept on all of the identified patients. Patients were monitored as reflected in the charts and abusive and drug-seeking patients were immediately dismissed upon receipt of information regarding such behavior. Then she also states that she routinely exceeded the minimum standards for prescribing or ordering drugs.

The RN denies all of the allegations made by the Board in its complaint, formal charges, and in this order. The RN contends the Board filed its complaint without any probable cause against the RN.  But as per evidence presented to the Board, the evidence shows that the RN had violated the Controlled Substance Act. Therefore, the RN is subjected to disciplinary action by the Board.

To prevent things such as suspension or revocation, it is a must to have a nurse attorney for support or for defense.

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