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No matter how the situation gets risky, expect that the help of your nurse attorney will never become a disappointment. The help of a skilled nurse attorney is excellent for various cases that may affect your nurse license. Take note that they directly interact and learn from the Texas Board of Nursing, making them excellent when handling almost any kind of hearing just to help you defend.

An RN was employed as a Registered Nurse at a hospital in College Station, Texas, and had been in that position for three (3) years and two (2) months.

The incident happened on or about April 9, 2017, the RN failed to promote a safe environment in that she did not utilize two (2) patient identifiers prior to administering medications to the patient. Consequently, she wrongfully administered Aspirin 81 mg, Wellbutrin IR l00mg, Merrem 500mg IV, and Proamatine 5mg to the said patient. The RN’s conduct unnecessarily exposed her patients to a risk of harm from inappropriately administered medications.

Then on or about April 9, 2017, the RN failed to verify a new physician’s order for Novolog Insulin reported during handoff with the medical record before attempting to administer the medication to a patient. When the patient questioned and refused the medication, the RN realized the medication was not ordered to be given until the next day. Respondent’s conduct ex}aosed the patient to a risk of harm in that extra insulin could have caused the patient’s glucose levels to become dangerously low.

In response to the incident above, the RN states that this was her first employment and experience as a new nurse. The RN then states that she never witnessed a nurse in the facility ask for a patient’s name and date of birth before giving medications. However, the RN acknowledges accountability for her actions. The RN further states that the facility lacked basic safety equipment, such as scanners, and that other facilities have to prevent this type of error. In addition, the RN states that she received this patient mid-day from her preceptor, who told her the patient had a new order for insulin that needed to be given. Lastly, the RN states that she now always checks orders, personally.

As a result of the violation committed by the LVN, her nurse license was placed into disciplinary action. This is exactly why you need a very reliable nurse attorney to assist you further in the various cases that you’re facing. To hire the best one in the state of Texas, it’s best to contact (832) 428-5679 to reach out to Nurse Attorney Yong J. An – one of the most experienced nurse attorneys that you may ever need.