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Nurses who got caught performing an illegal act can still contact a nurse defense attorney who is perfectly knowledgeable in handling nurse cases. A nurse defense attorney is known to have been studying the field of nursing cases as well and have done research and other hearings before the Texas Board of Nursing as well. Criminal offenses may also be charged to a nurse, and that can greatly affect their nurse license and their careers as well.

An incident related to this matter happened on or about January 6, 2016 when the LVN was caught working poorly over numerous patients during his shift. The physician was quite suspicious of the LVN’s movements at the time since the physician stated that he already noticed the LVN doing the same thing on several occastions. This sparked curiosity for the physician, which is why the physician gave the LVN an advice to conduct a drug test before continuing his duties once again.

The drug screening process, which consisted of urine screening, yielded a positive result. The LVN was caught positive for using opiates, and was further investigated by the Texas Board of Nursing. The Board also found out after a few days that the LVN is also suspected of narcotic diversion, which included theft of opiates from the facility for personal use.

The following violation caused the Texas Board of Nursing to summon the LVN for a hearing, but he never showed up on all attempts to summon him. Therefore, the Board revoked the nurse license of the LVN based in Dallas. The said actions are quite heavy especially because the opiates stolen from the facility was numerous. Therefore, the local authorities tracked and arrested the LVN as well.

Take note that any serious offense may place your nurse license to revocation, and may also lead you to prison in the end. You may also lose your privileges to live in the United States if you’re an immigrant, as well as lose your green card in the process. Don’t let such actions affect your future, which is why it’s best to contact Nurse Defense Attorney Yong J. An by dialing (832) 428-5679 for further assistance.