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The County of El Paso officially released that Covid-19 related deaths surpassed it’s 1,000 death grim milestone.

However, according to other reports, El Paso already surpassed that sad mark about a month ago.

According to the data, El Paso County had 1,003 Covide-19 related deaths last November 9th. On December 3rd, the number of deaths rose up to 1,186.

A spokesperson in the state agency confirmed that Covid-19 was the primary cause or one of the underlying causes of death of these 1,186 victims as mentioned in their death certificates.

Meanwhile, on December 4th, El Paso city reported just 983 deaths. The said deaths were confirmed by the health department as Covid-19 related. According to the health department, it may take a few days or even several weeks before the deaths will be confirmed to be Covid-19 related.

Up to this day, El Paso reported that more than 600 deaths are still under investigation or still under review. Those deaths can probably be Covid-19 deaths in which the health department still needs a death certificate and other medical records to make a final classification. For the city-states, it may take weeks to get the necessary records.

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic started its devastating roll across the country, the health care work environment was experiencing challenges – especially for nurses in El Paso.

This battle for Covid-19 pandemic makes our nurses and front-liners the renowned heroes and fighters for fighting against our unseen enemy. Despite the tiring and demanding responsibility that they face every single day is that they are still there for us.

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