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In just a span of several weeks, the number of deaths related to Covid-19 has doubled. According to Dallas County, 33 Covid-19 deaths have been reported in just one day. This makes it the second-highest single-day toll on the entire pandemic in Dallas.

The last reported record count on one day was 36 on July 29th.

Among the newly reported deaths were residents from Dallas city. Most of which had underlying health problems.

In addition to this, more than 1,000 Covid-19 cases were added. Of these more than 1,000 new cases, 1,090 are confirmed and 258 are probable. In the first week of December, the county already has a record of 1,275 confirmed Covid-19 deaths and 42 probable deaths.

It has been recently announced that the county is only counting positive antigen tests, or what is commonly called as rapid tests as probable cases. Some antibodies and household results were also included.

Unlike other cities that provide estimates for how many people have recovered from the deadly virus, Dallas officials do not have a report on how many have recovered. They state that authorities do not use the metric used by the deferral Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Health officials use hospitalizations, intensive-care admissions, and emergency room visits as key metrics to track the real-time impact of COVID-19 in the county. In the 24-hour period, 758 COVID-19 patients were in acute care in hospitals in the county. During the same period, 576 ER visits were for symptoms of the disease.

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