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Vaccines on Covid-19 are now coming to Texas. But the question is who gets vaccinated first? Who will be the second, and the third?

Authorities said Texas will get up to 1.4 million of Covid-19 vaccines with two-dose each candidate. However, it is reported that the amount is not enough for everybody especially since Texas now has over 30 million people.

According to authorities, the first in line for the shots are healthcare workers. They will be followed by emergency service drivers, nursing home staffers, home health aides as well as paramedics. Authorities state that after these front liners have been vaccinated, other professionals will be next in line.

Meanwhile, teachers are already making a compelling case. This is due to the fact that most teachers are required to teach face to face as if Covid-19 had never arrived. To make things worse, some of these teachers have underlying conditions that make exposure to Covid-19 riskier.

Experts say this understandable argument could develop into a political hot spot. Fairly enough, more than 1.4 million Texas residents could possibly make a compelling argument on why they should be vaccinated sooner rather than later. One thing is for sure: if you are a health worker, you already have the best spot in line.

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Nurses in El Paso also want the public to understand that they are doing everything they can to help their patients and families. But they are tired, and their bandwidth is maxed out. That is why sometimes, they might face the possibility of being called in for wrong charting or negligence.

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