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All hospitals are near their breaking point. This is what authorities say. In November alone, over 1000 people are fighting the Covid-19 while the staff of the hospitals says they too are nearing their breaking point.

One El Paso nurse says they are just exhausted because they have been working overtime. In fact, the El Paso nurse says they have been working longer than they should and that they have been doing for way more than they ever have.

In just a span of one week, El Paso County has an average of 1000 Covid-19 related patients per day. 27,000 of these are known active Covid-19 cases. The number is five times higher than the previous month.

To address the issue, most hospitals in El Paso are being helped by federal and from out of town state medical teams.

Just recently, the U.S. defense department deployed three U.S. Air Force Specialty Teams to support three El Paso hospitals. The team consists of 20 military medical providers.

However, this help isn’t enough. In one hospital, a nurse says that they feel disappointed because the trend is getting worse and that they did not picture it to get this so bad.

One El Paso nurse also states they are running out of beds and equipment. They say the toll Covid-19 is taking on healthcare workers, particularly nurses, is something they never thought they would experience.

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic started its devastating roll across the country, the health care work environment was experiencing challenges – especially for nurses in El Paso.

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