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An El Paso Nurse tells of the horrific condition of patients at hospitals in the city. She says even prison inmates are being brought in to help carry the dead in the morgues.

The city of Texas has been grappling with one of the worst surges in Covid-19 in the U.S. One nurse in El Paso reveals a devastating story and she posted this on her social media account. The nurse describes the time while she was working in a medical facility in El Paso. She claims that patients were being taken to a particular room called The Pit. This is the palace where the Covid-19 patients were being given only three rounds of cardiopulmonary resuscitation before being pronounced dead, according to the nurse.

The said nurse posted a video on her social media account. According to the post, during her first time of orientation at the hospital, she was told that whatever patients go into the pit, those patients would only come out in a body bag. The nurse adds that she saw lots of patients die that she felt should not have died.

The nurse also adds that those patients were only given three rounds of CPR which was only six minutes. Unfortunately, none of these patients made it.

In another post by the nurse, a picture shows inmates dressed in personal protective gear. The inmates are allegedly helping the medical examiners to carry the dead to a refrigerated truck.

Covid-19 has been surging all throughout America. In Texas alone, more than 1 million people have tested positive for the deadly virus. Among these 1 million people, more than 20,000 have died across the entire state.

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Hundreds of healthcare workers have flown to the city of El Paso to pick up shifts from exhausted nurses and doctors. Nurses, the backbone of healthcare, typically have to deal with serious levels of burnout – the COVID-19 pandemic has made the problem that much worse.

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