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In every action that an RN nurse takes, it is important that he follows the Code of Ethics. His actions must be within the metes and bounds of the law. Otherwise, the LVN or RN nurse may be subjected to an administrative or criminal case. The case may be filed by any interested party such as the patient involved or even directly by the Texas Board of Nursing.

An example of this is a case filed against a registered nurse named Bruce who was exercising the profession in Dallas, Texas. The RN nurse was employed as a Director Of Nursing in a medical institution in the state. During his employment, RN nurse was failed to assess an urgent condition after he was notified that the patient suffered respiratory distress despite having had four (4) schedule albuterol treatments.

Instead, the RN nurse Bruce only directed the unlicensed staff to administer additional Albuterol. The conduct of the RN nurse was likely to injure the patient by depriving the physician of vital information that would be required to institute timely medical interventions to stabilize the patient’s condition. Clearly, the RN nurse was not able to provide the correct treatment to the patient who needed urgent medical assistance. At the same time, he also placed the life of the patient in danger by not fully disclosing the matter to the doctor on duty.

In response to the incidents stated in the complaint against the RN nurse, he stated that the patient had just moved into the group home and that during the week she made multiple visits to assess the consumer and was in contact with unlicensed staff to verify that the staff understood the discharge instruction from the ER, which included albuterol treatment.

Because of what happened, a case was filed against the RN nurse before the Texas Board of Nursing. During the conduct of the hearing before the Texas Board of Nursing (BON), Bruce was not able to hire a lawyer to protect his interests. As a result, an order was granted by the Texas Board of Nursing finding him guilty in the disciplinary proceedings. It was also ordered that his nurse license be revoked with finality.

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