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This year is undeniably a great and unforgettable year for our front liners, especially our dearest nurses because of Covid-19. They are our modern-day heroes. However, despite the public displays of thanks, it is clear that many nurses aren’t getting the support they need to feel safe on their job and to maintain their own health and well-being.

In this article, we are going to share with you the story of what it feels like for Air Force nurses to be deployed to fight the deadly Covid-19.

The Air Force has deployed dozens of nurses to hospitals throughout North Dakota and El Paso, Texas, to ease the strain on local medical personnel trying to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

For those airmen, like registered nurse Capt. Michael Robbins, it means lengthy, 12-hour-plus shifts in full protective equipment. It means caring for patients ― mostly elderly — by providing everything from baths to oral care to clearing their airways. And it means dropping into an entirely new workplace, with life-or-death stakes, and quickly becoming part of an already established team.

But while it’s hard work, Robbins feels privileged to be able to care for these patients.

“We’re just so proud and honored to be here, locked arm-in-arm with the North Dakota health care team,” Robbins said.

Last month, as the latest, devastating wave of the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, the military deployed roughly 120 Air Force medical personnel — primarily nurses — to hot spots at the request of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


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