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Any type of accusations or negligence can be defended, as long as there is a reliable and skilled nurse attorney ready to assist you during the hearing before the Board of Nursing. The Texas Board of Nursing has full jurisdiction regarding cases that may affect an RN or LVN’s license from suspension, disciplinary action or revocation.

Accusations regarding negligence are a must to be observed properly not only by the Board but by a nurse attorney. An example of this happened to a RN in Houston wherein several accusations are filed against about her negligence at work.

On or about July 8, 2016, while employed as a Registered Nurse in a hospital in Houston, Texas, and during the removal of a central line to a particular, the RN failed to properly remove the line causing an air embolism to occur. Subsequently, the patient lost consciousness, suffered from seizure activity and experienced respiratory distress. Her conduct could have caused the patient to experience a heart attack, stroke and neurological damage.

When summoned by the Texas Board of Nursing, the RN states after this incident she received remedial education from her manager and also participated in educating the other Medical-Surgical nurses in the hospital on proper procedure for removing a central line. The RN further added that the hospital revised its policy to include apply an occlusive dressing, such as petroleum gauze, after removal of line.

Unfortunately, the Texas Board of Nursing believed that there is not enough evidence to support the RN’s defense.

Because of this incident, the Texas Board of Nursing then subjected the RN and her license into disciplinary action.

The accusation would have been defended by an experienced and skilled nurse attorney, had the LVN hired one. Hiring a nurse attorney for defense is applicable for any kind of accusation laid against an RN or LVN.

For more details and to schedule a confidential consultation, you must approach one of the most experienced nurse attorneys in Texas, Yong J. An. He has assisted numerous nursing license cases since 2006. You may contact him by dialing (832)-428-567 if you wish to learn more information should you undergo accusations or any other case that may affect your license.