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Your nearby nurse defense attorney can be your full assistance when facing a case before the Texas Board of Nursing especially when you’re undergoing a case that can affect your nurse license. However, a certain LVN based in San Antonio failed to contact a good nurse defense attorney for her nurse-related case. As a result, the Texas Board of Nursing placed her LVN license to revocation to make sure that such actions will never happen again.

On or about August 12, 2016, the LVN received a referral from the Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services due to an incident that happened on September 11, 2009. The referral was regarding a misconduct wherein the LVN got convicted of a serious offense of unlawful transaction with a minor 2nd degree class D Felony offense. The said actions might cause further issue within the facility especially if the LVN did the same act to a patient within the premises of the hospital.

The LVN was advised to attend a hearing regarding her case, and was advised by the Board to immediately attend the hearing. Unfortunately, the LVN only left a letter stating that she will not be able to attend such hearing because of an illness. However, the LVN was not found in her current location when an inspector from the Board arrived at her apartment unit. Additionally, the LVN was not attending her shift at the hospital in San Antonio for several days after receiving the referral.

As a result of her actions, her LVN license was immediately revoked after a week of searching the LVN. Take note that criminal offenses may cause you to serve jail time, as well as lose your nurse license if you’re found guilty. Additionally, you may also get deported from the United States and lose your green card if you’re an immigrant in the country.

For further assistance regarding this matter, be sure to contact a skilled nurse defense attorney with full knowledge in handling nurses during hearings. To do so, it’s best to contact Nurse Defense Attorney Yong J. An to get this case handled immediately and in the most efficient way possible. All you need is to dial him at to get your case evaluated through private consultation.