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All LVN or RN is under the jurisdiction of the Texas Board of Nursing. All complaints or cases concerning their practice are lodged before the Board. Thereafter, the members of the Board will hear the case and decide on the issues or matters that were submitted for resolution. The parties charged are given the opportunity to be heard with the aid of a nurse attorney.

One of the recent cases decided by the Texas Board of Nursing involved an LVN in Houston.
On or about March 22, 2017, while s/he was employed in a hospital and assigned to her patient, the LVN lacked fitness to practice nursing in that she was observed to be sleeping while on duty by the patient’s father.

The LVN’s conduct was likely to injure the patient in that it adversely affected her ability to recognize any changes in the patient’s conditions. Her conduct could have also affected her ability to make an accurate decision regarding patient care, thereby placing her patient in potential danger.

The Texas Board of Nursing summoned the LVN to hear her side. She admits to the allegation of sleeping during her shift. She further states that the father continues to allow her to provide nursing care for his daughter in which she continues to work night shifts. She states that she recognizes the responsibility of providing adequate nursing care and will ensure that this does not occur in the future.

Unfortunately, the Texas Board of Nursing suspended her license because she failed to properly present and defend her case.
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