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Normally, people leave the workforce for a lot of reasons. Some of these include focusing on their families, going to school, or simply hitting their retirement age. However, more and more people are now retiring because of Covid-19 pandemic. Since 2011, there are about 2 million baby boomers, born between 1946 to 1964, retiring. But in the last 12 months, 3.2 million additional baby boomers retired.

In an article by the Dallas Morning News, a teacher from Seagoville never returned to the classroom since spring break ended last March. Here is the story.

“I’m going to blame Covid-19 because it was here and I fit into that higher risk,” said Bingham, who turns 63 next month.

After 18 years of teaching agriculture science and biology, she elected to retire and work with horses at her Broken Bow Ranch in Seagoville. She offers trail rides and riding lessons to customers, and has time to breed and train horses for sale — work she long wanted to do.

She may return to teaching if the ranch doesn’t provide enough income to sufficiently bolster her retirement pay, she said. For now, she’s grateful to be working on her own and to be outside on a horse when people are around.

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As frontline health care professionals, nurses are the true heroes who risk everything to care for patients. During this time of Covid-19 pandemic where we face fear and stress, practicing nurses have worked long shifts. The physical and mental exhaustion, lack of knowledge, and in many cases, lack of skills to care for patients can lead to disciplinary action.

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