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The city-county of El Paso has released an official statement that the death toll from the Covid-19 pandemic surpassed 1,000 deaths.

El Paso County reported 11 deaths from Covid-19 which raised the death toll to 1,010. Deaths occurred between the months of October and December alone.

It has been a tough year since the first known arrival of the deadly pandemic in Far West Texas in mid-March.

According to reports, the first locally reported death was on April 9th. The victim was a man in his 80s who died right after he contracted the deadly virus.

Up to this day, over 600 deaths are still under investigation to determine if their cause of death was the novel coronavirus.

These deaths were far more than just numbers of the hospital’s datasheet. The victims were El Paso residents who dreamed of living their lives this 2020. Most of them were grandparents, spouses, sisters, brothers, workers, priests, teachers, office workers, truckers, and even prison inmates.

According to reports, many people who died from the deadly virus in El Paso alone ranged from one teenager to one person older than 100.

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In this time of Covid-19 pandemic, the real heroes are our brave nurses and the other front liners. However, they are aware that if they are not thorough while doing their job, they may face the possibility of being called to come in on a day off to correct charting, or face the fear that if they miss something, they could face disciplinary action.

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