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A certain LVN was unable to contact a proper nurse attorney for her case when she received a complaint from the Texas Board of Nursing due to failure to properly assess a patient. The complaint stated that the failure to assess the patient resulted in a worsening ailment on the patient weeks after the incident happened. The resulting action of the LVN caused her nurse license to get suspended.

The incident happened on July 25, 2015 when she was performing a focused re-admission assessment to a diabetic patient. The patient was already diagnosed with an uncontrolled diabetes and needs a more accurate means of treatment and diagnoses. However, the LVN failed to consult with a physician or an RN to prove if there is a need to perform the re-admission assessment to check the glucose levels of the patient. In the first place, there were no orders to perform such diagnosis as well.

The action committed by the LVN might result in an inaccurate medical record, as well as cause further injury or a worsening condition for the patient. As a result of the misstep done by the LVN, the patient was almost administered with medication even though there was no initial need to do it. Gladly, the physician reviewed the records placed by the LVN on the notes, and took notice of the diagnoses that she did. This is where the physician forwarded this matter for the Texas Board of Nursing.

During the hearing before the Board, the LVN stated that the patient was admitted to the facility with all transfer notes from the hospital. The physician was also made aware of the transfer orders and diagnosis done to the patient. The LVN also stated that since the state investigation, an admission packet was implemented to the facility to assist all the nurses in receiving and reviewing admission orders and all medical history.

But due to the error of the LVN’s actions, with the fact that she did not provide a clear defense for the violation she committed, her LVN license was placed on suspension. Don’t let such errors affect your nurse license, which is why a nurse attorney is ready to help you. For the best help possible, please contact Nurse Attorney Yong J. An by dialing (832) 428-5679 for private consultation.