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A skilled nurse attorney is very important during times where your documentations may go false due to a certain misstep that you did at work. An instance of such incident happened on January 15, 2013 when an LVN in San Antonio failed to notify her physician about the issue that a patient was experiencing due to a lack of proper medication to provide to the patient at the time of the incident.

To provide the exact details, the LVN did not tell the physician about the patient having no insulin available during the scheduled time of administration. This even happened during the skilled nursing visits of the LVN, which means that it’s strictly required for the LVN to find a means to administer the insulin to the patient. But instead of finding any means to provide proper medication, the LVN falsely documented the administration of insulin to the patient.

The LVN documented that the insulin Novolog 70/30 was not available at the moment but found some injections which contain insulin as well. The LVN also documented that she prepared and applied it to the patient. However, investigators of the Texas Board of Nursing found out that no such action was done for the patient. This misconduct might have placed the patient into unnecessary harm, and could potentially result in an inaccurate method.

The LVN was unable to give a proper reason as to why she provided false documents which may affect the condition of the patient. She only stated that she was locked out of her computer when she was about to provide a proper and complete report about it. However, the defense was not enough for the Texas Board of Nursing, which is why they placed her LVN license into disciplinary action.

Don’t let any issues in your computer or on your documents ruin your career and the status of your nurse license. Be sure to look for a proper nurse attorney who can fully assist you. One good way is to contact Nurse Attorney Yong J. An by dialing (832) 428-5679 for further assistance.