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An allegation or complaint could be a serious case, which is why a nurse attorney is needed if you get accused of such kind. However, some who thought they were guilty of the charges failed to hire a nurse attorney just because they thought it was the doom for their license already. But that is not entirely the case as there is still hope.

At the time of the incident, an RN was employed as a Registered Nurse at a hospital facility in Wichita Falls, Texas, and had been in that position for three (3) months.

On or about January 21, 2019, through February 9, 201 9, while employed as a Registered Nurse, the RN failed to administer Nafcillin 2gm to patient 1 and Cefepime 1 gm to patient 2, as ordered by a physician. The RN’s conduct was likely to injure the patients in that failure to administer the medications as ordered by a physician could have resulted in non-efficacious treatment.

On or about January 26, 2019, while employed as a Registered Nurse, the RN failed to properly assess and/or document assessments of two patients. The RN’s conduct deprived subsequent caregivers of essential information on which to base ongoing medical care.

In response, the RN states she followed procedure and protocol. In addition, the RN admits to not documenting her assessments in a timely manner, due to patient safety taking priority.

If you ever undergo cases such as this, it’s best to seek the assistance of a good nurse attorney as it could make the case better in your favor. Be sure to find a nurse attorney who’s experienced and knowledgeable in several cases to ensure the best assistance possible.

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