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The work that nurses do is often unappreciated. And sometimes, a bit of negligence could lead to a more serious scenario such as filing a suit against them. If this happens to an RN, they should know how to protect and defend themselves. If not properly defended by a nurse attorney, their license could even be suspended or revoked.

At the time of the initial incident, an RN was employed as a Registered Nurse at a  Hospital in Conroe, Texas, and had been in that position for one (1) year and eight (8) months.

On or about September 1, 2019, through October 24, 2019, while hired by a patient and working in the patient’s home providing care, the RN failed to accurately and/or completely document the care she provided to the patient. Specifically, the patient provided patient care without proper documentation of the patient’s health status, assessments, nursing care rendered, administration of medications, patient responses to care, and contact with the patient’s health care team. The RN’s conduct resulted in an incomplete medical record and was likely to injure the patient from subsequent care decisions made without the benefit of accurate and reliable information.

In response to the incident, the RN states that she followed the physician’s plan of care from the emergency records and also talked with the physician’s nurse for further care instructions. The RN states that she was hired as a  ‘sitter” per se to assist in helping with lunch and dinner, assisting to the bathroom, and making sure the patient’s arm sling was on appropriately and circulation intact. And states that she also administered medications as noted in the emergency note-plan of care, per the written prescription of the physician. The RN added that she always represented herself as a Registered Nurse, following physicians’ instructions and care. And that she wrote down the activity of daily living and medications given per prescription and per the physician. Lastly, the RN states that at no time did she practice outside of her scope of nursing.

Because of the incident, the RN was disciplined and suspended by the Board of Nursing. 

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) is the government agency that has jurisdiction to hear and decide administrative cases involving RN and LVN licenses.  The Board has the power to suspend and/or revoke the nurse’s license.  It is also the agency that is responsible for overseeing the practice of professional nursing all over the State of Texas.

A good nurse attorney is always the best line of defense for these cases. This is the reason why Nurse Attorney Yong J. An is dedicated to helping those nurses in need to settle their cases. For a private consultation and other inquiries, it’s best to contact him for assistance by dialing (832)-428-5679.