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RN license holder based in Texas was sentenced with a suspension order by the Texas Board of Nursing due to an inaccurate administration of medicine to a patient. Any erroneous medication to a patient is very questionable as it results in a lack of understanding of the physician’s orders, and how the RN should work with commitment. However, the right nurse attorney can reduce the sentence or replace it with disciplinary procedures instead.

The Texas Board of Nursing has jurisdiction on any kind of violation and malpractice that the LVN / RN license has committed. Any RN or LVN discipline depends upon the type of violation and misconduct they committed. Thus, a nurse attorney is crucially needed to make adjustments to the discipline or suspension subjected to the RN license.

On or about August 7, 2015, while employed at a hospital in Dallas, Texas, the RN submitted a medication refill request for a patient. The RN requested to receive 30 quantities of Tripetal 150mg with a dosage of 600mg and five refills. However, the ordering provider authorized the patient to receive 120 quantities of Tripetal 600mg BJD.

The statement above was not the only case the RN has committed. The same inaccuracy over the medication applied occurred on or about August 18, 2015, where she requested to refill a 405m quantity of Xanax 3 times. However, the order indicated that Xanax should be refilled monthly and upon request by the patient. It also occurred on or about September 25, 2015, as well, where she placed an order for LevETIRAcetam with an inaccurate amount of refills.

Additionally, RN documented inaccurate information, which states that the medication was filled as per order protocol. However, she must not refill the Tripetal as per order. The failure to accurately follow the physician’s order may have injured the patient and is a non-efficacious treatment.

The RN also committed inaccurate performance at work. On or about August 17, 2015, she disclosed a patient’s medical information without any Release of Information. Thus, the RN unnecessarily exposed the patient’s condition, resulting in a high risk of harm due to the disclosure of information without authorization.

The RN was given a chance by the Board to defend the case. She states that she received training from her supervisor. The supervisor was unable to provide her with any written policy and procedures, and was “developing the information.” She also added that she verified their sponsors during telephone conversations in the neurology clinic.

She also states that the medication refills were submitted as trained, and the medications were ordered verbally. She concluded that she followed her supervisor’s instructions “to the best of her ability.”

The Board of Nursing decided to provide disciplinary action to the RN, resulting in her RN license to go under suspension. She is also subject to disciplinary action after the said suspension.  The RN should obtain nurse attorney’s assistance in fighting the charge.

Yong J. An, nurse license attorney, has been dealing with the Texas Board of Nursing since 2006 and experienced in working with them. Please do not fight the charge alone. You need a professional legal attorney who can assist you.

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