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RN nurse or LVN nurse role is essential in Hospital-Acquired Infection or HAI which is considered as a nosocomial infection. This refers to the type of infection that is acquired by a resident patient of a hospital. Take note that it does not pertain to the infection that was the primary reason why a particular person was admitted in the medical facility. HAI is acquired from the hospital environment. At this point, it is also essential to emphasize that an infection is considered as HAI only when it occurs for more than 48 hours from the time of the admission of the patient involved.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of hospital-acquired infection. Some of these include contaminated equipment or tools available in the facility, presence of bacteria in the medical environment and shortcomings of the nurses on duty. According to a report published by the World Health Organization (WHO), the common types of HAI are urinary tract infections, chest infections and surgical wound infections.

LVN or RN nurse plays an important role when it comes to preventing or treating hospital-acquired infections. LVN or RN nurses are expected to comply with the rules and regulations provided by the healthcare institution where they work. All the nurses in Texas must know how to reduce the risks of HAI. In order to make this happen, it is essential that nurses must work hard to improve in their knowledge and skills. They have to keep on learning so that they could identify the proper ways on how to keep their patients away from danger.

Fortunately, there are several effective ways on how to prevent hospital-acquired infections from affecting the admitted patients. One of which is the promotion of hand hygiene in the workplace. All nurses must see to it that they have followed the proper procedure of washing or cleaning their hands before holding any tool or apparatus in the hospital. At the same time, they must also practice the proper hand hygiene before having direct contact with their patients. It is important for them to wear gloves at all times.

As much as possible, LVN or RN nurse must also become responsible for sterilizing all the items that they will use while on duty. They have to continually exert effort in making this happen so that they can successfully create full barrier precautions. When this happens, more patients will become more comfortable in seeking medical assistance in hospitals. The patients will have increased trust and confidence in the nursing profession.

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