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No matter how the situation gets risky, expect that the help of your nurse attorney will never become a disappointment. The help of a skilled nurse attorney is excellent for various cases that may affect your nurse license. Take note that they directly interact and learn from the Texas Board of Nursing, making them excellent when handling almost any kind of hearing just to help you defend.

They can even help you out if you did a mistake at work that might place the situation of your patient at risk. One such example was on October 24, 2014 when an LVN failed to fully notify the physician of the patient she was taking care of. The patient has a high blood pressure, and was actually refusing to take medication for his condition. Due to the failure to administer any antihypertensive medication, the LVN simply made up a story to the physician.

Missing out the medications can place patients at risk, especially if it’s a matter regarding blood pressure. The mistake conducted by the LVN may place the patient at risk of suffering from hypertension, which is proven to be quite dangerous already for the patient’s age, as seen on the investigation conducted by the Board.

The Board advised the LVN to attend a hearing regarding her errors. She stated that the patient was threatening her when she was about to apply the medication to him. However, this reason is not enough for the LVN to avoid administering, as well as making false reports which may result in inaccurate or incorrect action plans for the patient in the future.

As a result of the violation committed by the LVN, her nurse license was placed into disciplinary action. This is exactly why you need a very reliable nurse attorney to assist you further in the various cases that you’re facing. To hire the best one in the state of Texas, it’s best to contact (832) 428-5679 to reach out Nurse Attorney Yong J. An – one of the most experienced nurse attorney that you may ever need.