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The help of a nurse attorney is extremely important when facing cases you did not intend to commit with an intention. There are simply issues wherein the results of their action could potentially cause a huge problem even if the RN did not intentionally commit such misbehavior. Additionally, these are issues wherein the RN was actually doing something that’s supposed to be good.

This is the case of an RN who committed such incident on or about May 5, 2016 in Corpus Christi. She inappropriately accessed the data from a patient’s record in order to gather the patient’s contact details. She then called the patient on the number she obtained from the data to gather other details.

Unfortunately, RN was not authorized by anyone to open up the computer to gather the data. Therefore, she might have placed the patient at risk of harm due to disclosure of confidential medical information. Additionally, there was no written authorization telling her to contact the patient, resulting in the facility to receive a violation as well.

She stated that she opened the patient’s demographic data just to obtain the patient’s number. She admitted that she collected the phone number to inform them about the patient’s health condition, which was actually very urgent. Additionally, the “urgent matter” was never disclosed yet.

However, the reason was not strong enough to avoid any disciplinary actions. Therefore, the Texas Board of Nursing still placed the RN under disciplinary procedures to ensure that she will never compromise any personal data of a patient without full authorization.

A nurse attorney could have assisted her fully for a stronger statement. If you did not really intend to disclose a patient’s information in a negative way, a nurse attorney may be the perfect assistance for you once you attend a hearing before the Board. Nurse Attorney, Yong J. An could provide further assistance just by scheduling a confidential consultation. Just contact him at (832)-428-5679 to begin.