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A nurse attorney is the one who can help any LVN who commits any violation against the Texas Board of Nursing. The nursing profession is not an easy journey. Every practicing LVN holder in the state of Texas is required to follow certain rules and regulations imposed by the government. These laws and statutes were implemented to ensure that the safety of the patients is protected by the state. And a nurse attorney is the one who ensures the rights of his nurse clients.

A LVN who commits any violation can place her LVN license in jeopardy. The Texas Board of Nursing has the authority to revoke or suspend an RN license in the country for as long as there is a justifiable reason. For this reason, LVN should seek help from an experienced nurse attorney.

A perfect example of this happened to a certain LVN in Cypress due to the series of events which led to the disciplinary action by the Texas Board of Nursing.

On or about December 12, 2015 while employed in the Emergency Department of a hospital in Cypress, the LVN inappropriately turned off the cardiac monitor for a patient whose heart rate was abnormally low and ranging from the 30’s-40’s. her conduct was likely to harm the patient from possible demise due to undetected changes in heart rate and cardiac arrest.

On or about  January  14,  2016 while employed  in the same healthcare facility, the LVN failed to clarify an order from the physician to administer an excessive dese-ef-Samgof Pheregan intravenous push {IVE} to a patient. As a result, she administered the Phenergan 50mg IVP to the patient instead of Fentanyl 50mcg IVP, as ordered. The normal dose of Pherergan for adults is 25mg.

The LVN’s conduct was likely to injure the patient from adverse effects of medication administered   in error, including irregular heart  rate,  cardiac  arrest,  and respiration depression.

LVN was given the chance to defend her case. She admits to turning off the cardiac monitor on the patient because her focus was on isolating patient stressors and providing comfort and, since the patient stated she was unable to rest with the cardiac monitor alarms sounding, he turned them off.  She further states that she misunderstood a verbal order given by the physician to administer Fentanyl 50 mcg and administered Phenergan 50mg IVP (intravenous push).

The LVN further states she repeated back the verbal order of Phenergan 50mg prior to going into the medication room.

However, the Texas Board of Nursing eventually found the LVN guilty and her LVN license was disciplined.

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