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RN license nurse in Dallas was subjected to a disciplinary action after intervening with an Advanced Cardiac Life Support treatment over a patient. But if the intervention is for an important reason, it’s always wise to hire the right nurse license attorney for further help.

The Texas Board of Nursing has full jurisdiction over all cases that might result in disciplinary procedures over an RN license nurse. Therefore, the assistance of the right nurse license attorney can reduce the requirements needed for the disciplinary proceedings to be met.

On or about March 2017, the RN license nurse submitted an altered Basic Life Support (BLS) card to an agency but was unable to verify the card. It was an effort to assist a patient in need of an emergency response. The said intervention may have caused some of the agency’s staff to delay the task they need to accomplish.

The RN may have deceived her employer and may likely cause further injury to the patient. Therefore, it is an inappropriate and non-efficacious Advanced Cardiac Life Support intervention. The assistance of a nurse license attorney can defend the RN well if she hired the right one at the time of the hearing.

The RN was given a chance to defend the case. She states she took CPR with two women, and one of them rewrote the BLS card to make the words legible. She also states she questioned them on the other cards as well. She then sent the CPR card to her agency and examined the matter, but received the same answer.

The RN concluded that she retook the same CPR procedure as per agency instructions, and was seriously committing to her responsibilities. She stated she did not violate her license and asked to be not held responsible.

The Texas Board of Nurse decided to take disciplinary action against the RN. Therefore, her RN license is subjected to disciplinary procedures to ensure the future safety of the patients. Due to her reason, she should have hired a nurse license attorney to defend the action against her.

The experience RN license nurse will assist you in fighting the charge. Don’t face the Board alone. Your RN license is precious to keep. Thus, fight with the RN license attorney.

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