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You will definitely love Mr. Yong an. He knows how to take care of his clients. For the past three years, Mr. Yong An handled my case before the Texas BON. He was very compassionate and professional in all his dealing. I highly respect this attorney. I appreciate how he made himself available whenever I need to set up an appointment or to talk to him. He is amazing!

I first came to know about Mr. Yong because he was the speaker during my graduation ceremony. He gave advice about the importance of getting an insurance. However, I failed to heed his advice. Ten years later, I got involved in a problem with my employment. I was fired over something that I did not do. I immediately called the office of Yong An and I’m glad that he took my case. He helped me gain my confidence to fight for my right. Thank you, Mr. Yong!

I have to say that Attorney Yong An is highly recommended for many reasons. There are so much to love about his professionalism. What I admire about his services is that he kept me informed all throughout the process of my case. He did not keep me in the shadows. Instead, he never failed to update me about the updates before the Texas Board of Nursing. Because of this, I felt more secure about myself as well as my employment. Second, his professional fees are completely affordable. During the period of our professional engagement, Yong An was not remiss in his duties. He was always available for a call. At first, I thought that it is going to be a big problem to have a lawyer. However, Mr. Yong An proved otherwise. He is such an amazing person! I am forever thankful for everything he did.

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