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There are many requirements before one can become a professional RN nurse in the state of Texas. The first step is to finish college and get a degree in nursing. Thereafter, the graduate needs to study again for around six months in order to prepare himself for the licensure exam. When this is completed, the next step is to take the exam administered by the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). Before one can apply for eligibility to take the licensure examination, it is mandatory that the applicant shall submit a petition before the Board.

Everyone is expected to perform the legal duties of an RN nurse in Texas. Otherwise, there is a high possibility that the nurse will be subjected to an administrative case before the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). The complaint may be filed by the injured party or even by the employer of the nurse involved. At the same time, the Board of Nursing also has a right to institute a case on its own, provided that there is a probable cause to file the complaint.

Once a case is filed before the Texas Board of Nursing (BON), the registered nurse now needs to find the right lawyer who will help him in the case. The failure to do this can lead to the loss or revocation of one’s license. This is what happened in the case of Paulo who decided to ignore the notice of hearing sent by the Board. When he acted on the complaint, it was already too late because the Board has already given its final judgment.

In the complaint, it was stated that the RN nurse Paulo inappropriately prepared Miralax in water, which had been over-heated in the microwave. The process was made as a preparation to administer it to patient medical record, through the patient’s gastrostomy tube button (g-button). All these were made without a physician’s order. As a result of the injury, the patient required seven (7) days of intravenous narcotics for pain relief, wound debridement and continued dressing changes. The RN nurse was setting the over-heated solution down to cool when the patient moved and knocked the cup of out of her hand and the solution splashed on him. Because of the accident, the patient suffered partial thickness burns to his abdomen and left lower extremity. The act of the RN nurse resulted in the patient sustaining possibly life-threatening burns.

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